'the adventures of a thirty-ish university graduate' or, alternately and perhaps much more aptly: 'as mad as a barking fox'

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

how my heart gets torn

the sky holds off, the south clear and the north west more than a bit shaky.

i'm feeling flat. fancy going out? we'll pack random bits of cheese, smoked meat, vegetables and wine in my backpack and take the bikes, heading north. i'll leave my shoes where we abandon the bikes, letting the cold mud that still holds the chill of those past dead months seep through my toes. when we finally see the ruins peeking through the leaves, i'll direct you a little to the right, and we'll twirl down a staircase that is red and both horrific and mesmerizing all at once. you'll laugh at how i get dizzy, my hand clutching the railing a little too tight, a little too often. when we finally break the cover of the trees, the sight of the water will force both of us to inhale- and to subsequently forget to exhale.

after the cheese and smoked meat and vegetables and wine i'll tell you secrets about this past year. you'll let a smile creep past your teeth and without words will tell me that you understand exactly.

it'll take us three hours to retrace our steps, find my shoes, and make our way back to my house. when you refuse to stay for dinner, instead opting to chase those calm southern skies, i promise to understand.

i'll still be where you left me when the moon slips across the top of the roof, stars singing softly in the summer breeze.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

make my body sing

smoking a joint with a co-worker after work: item number one hundred and eighteen that can now be stroked off of my 'to-do' list in life.

[excuse me while i go slap myself, make some pancakes, and probably wash dishes for like three hours].

can't touch this

i just checked my email and two of my messages made mention of steamrolling.

bubble, you just WAIT.

Monday, May 22, 2006

i can't wait i can't wait

tom saunters in the shop, an empty box of honey nut cheerios under one arm and a bag of garbage from our kitchen firmly clasped in the other hand. he looks around, that slightly confused air on his face, and tells me to get out.

not that this is a bad thing. it's the holiday monday. i get paid for eight hours regardless, i just assumed i'd be working because no one else is.

now i'm here- wearing my oh so classy shorts and pink sweater combo, a skany tank top itching across my chest and worksocks piled unevenly on my feet and wondering what the hell i'm going to do with myself with yet another day off. i swear i'm living in another dimension here or something- the fish shop life has never been like this before. maybe i'll make a sock monkey, write some more letters, plant some more flowers. something.

in other random news, my mom has saved a starving cat that was hanging out underneath the fleet of chevy astros in the back yard. she might weigh a pound- her little butt is so narrow and her back legs consist of bone and tendon, nothing more. despite all of us saying that we know we're only helping, i have a sneaking suspicion that flicker [because yes, we've named her already] might become a permanent addition to the family.

hurrah new little cat!

nim and runten are going to hate us. muahahahahahaha.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea

ben comes in just as i begin to cackle manically, watching the pictures flash across the screen in front of me. after brief greetings, he sits down and i tell him he's about to witness the worst ten minutes of television history. and then, as an afterthought, i tell him t-minus seven minutues until mulder and scully start sucking face.

he pours a shot of russian prince vodka, slams it back and we both cackle.

james eventually joins us, drinking whiskey. merlot slides precariously around in my mug, and by the time we leave for the pacific, everything has soft edges to it. i end up having chocolate milk spashed across my legs and hot sauce stuck in my hair when we leave.

ben tells me the next morning that he yakked.

i've decided that merlot and whiskey-although quite tasty by themselves- may not be the way to go.

maybe next friday i'll just stick to whiskey.


Monday, May 15, 2006

poisoned lips doom romance

maryanne quite literally snorts as i scrawl across the fish ben is taking home: to ben, love the salmon in bright blue marker. this sets in action a chain of events that ends with veronica shaking her head as a whole fish slides to the floor in supreme slow motion.

there's soemthing different going on. it's not tragic, or dramatic, or evil,or petty, or stupid or ridiculous [in a bad way] at work any more.

if this is how it had always been, i wouldn't have been so reluctant to come home once more.

in other completely random news, our rabbit has gone to rabbit heaven, i have a new obsession with the tea party and i really, really, really need to wash my pink sweater.

oh wiarton life.

Friday, May 12, 2006

i really love that tune

there's a promise of rain rolling up from the south here today, fucking with the trees, the light and the way my leg feels. [it makes this clunking noise every time i stop and twist my ankle around. it's strangely satisfying but gross all at once].

this southerly gale has made me feel unsettled. wild. unruly.

maybe there'll be an adventure. maybe i'll go to bed on time. maybe tomorrow i'll sleep in, and wake up to the sound of thunder rolling of lake huron and across to georgian bay.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

all my people

i've just booked my g2 exit road test.

i need to learn how to parallel park HARD.

so save your scissors

dear the x files-

i keep staying up to watch you, and i think perhaps a small part of my soul dies every time someone says either 'rat-bastard' or 'extra terrestial biological entity.' however, i do enjoy the bad mid-nineties suits you force gillian anderson to wear and the fact that even from the beginning, david duchovny had his fingers in every freakin pot he could regarding the show.

love, meaghan

ps- chris carter as an fbi head honcho? bwahahahahahahah! what a card.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

we rule the school

it's sort of like the chili peppers here right now- up to my ass in alligators, except that instead on alligators, it's fish. and instead of my ass it's more like my elbows, but that's only because i am possibly the messiest worker of life.

it feels like a time warp here- it's just like always except not. mom and tom are crazy as ever, me and james still shake our heads and laugh at them, but something's different this year. maybe it's the fact that we all have a routine down, that it's not james' first summer home, that it's my last summer home. or maybe it's just different because i'm different. whatever it is, it's at once smooth like honey in tea, and sharp like the smell of vinegar on hot fried potatoes.

in other random unreleated news, i have done better academically this year than i did last year.

i'm a gernius.