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Monday, May 22, 2006

i can't wait i can't wait

tom saunters in the shop, an empty box of honey nut cheerios under one arm and a bag of garbage from our kitchen firmly clasped in the other hand. he looks around, that slightly confused air on his face, and tells me to get out.

not that this is a bad thing. it's the holiday monday. i get paid for eight hours regardless, i just assumed i'd be working because no one else is.

now i'm here- wearing my oh so classy shorts and pink sweater combo, a skany tank top itching across my chest and worksocks piled unevenly on my feet and wondering what the hell i'm going to do with myself with yet another day off. i swear i'm living in another dimension here or something- the fish shop life has never been like this before. maybe i'll make a sock monkey, write some more letters, plant some more flowers. something.

in other random news, my mom has saved a starving cat that was hanging out underneath the fleet of chevy astros in the back yard. she might weigh a pound- her little butt is so narrow and her back legs consist of bone and tendon, nothing more. despite all of us saying that we know we're only helping, i have a sneaking suspicion that flicker [because yes, we've named her already] might become a permanent addition to the family.

hurrah new little cat!

nim and runten are going to hate us. muahahahahahaha.


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