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Saturday, May 06, 2006

we rule the school

it's sort of like the chili peppers here right now- up to my ass in alligators, except that instead on alligators, it's fish. and instead of my ass it's more like my elbows, but that's only because i am possibly the messiest worker of life.

it feels like a time warp here- it's just like always except not. mom and tom are crazy as ever, me and james still shake our heads and laugh at them, but something's different this year. maybe it's the fact that we all have a routine down, that it's not james' first summer home, that it's my last summer home. or maybe it's just different because i'm different. whatever it is, it's at once smooth like honey in tea, and sharp like the smell of vinegar on hot fried potatoes.

in other random unreleated news, i have done better academically this year than i did last year.

i'm a gernius.


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