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Friday, April 07, 2006

such a perfect day

sometimes, when i'm reading and i have music on in the background [that isn't linkin park, my god what was i thinking?] the lyrics sneak their way into my head and i find new bits of words strung together that i've never really noticed before. and then other times, the sheer wonder of lyrics that you've always noticed and loved sneak up on you when your computer randomly plays a song you've not heard in quite some time.

tonight, of course, was no exception.

without further ado- i present the cop-out post of some new song lyrics into which i'd like to dive deep for a long while:

see, you and me
have a better time than most can dream
have it better than the best
and so can pull on through
whatever tears at us
whatever holds us down
and if nothing can be done
we'll make the best of what's around

and [my new favourite classic of the moment]:

take my hand
travel south cross land
put out the fire
and don't look past my shoulder
the exodus is here
the happy ones are near
let's get together
before we get much older


Blogger James said...

Ahh the Dave Matthews Band.Always something new to offer, if it be good or bad.


Blogger eponeen said...

hey megs
what songs / artist are those? i was trying to imagine them, but im not sure i got it right
ps. you should add my blog to your friends.. though its not very good



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