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Friday, March 24, 2006

we know a secret- it happened some time ago

in grade eleven my brother and i shared my sister's old computer for the webbernet and school projects.

of course, it was filled with random games, old snips of poetry, weird word files, paint pictures, photos and music. even then, despite the illegalness of it all, james and i whored as much music as we could from just about anywhere we could. i wasted- if that's the right word- hours downloading random mp3s fromvarious sites just to have them, just to hear something new.

one day i stumbled across some of colin hay's solo work- because yes, the man from the land down under continued making music even after men at work broke up.

his voice is mellow, and soft. and it sounds like grade eleven.

for the first time since october, i woke up with a smile on my face.


Blogger 3rd daughter said...

mr hay is a very underrated talent as far as i am concerned. zach braff appears to be a fan of his work too. his songs have been on 'scrubs' and there is one on the 'garden state' soundtrack

as much as we aussies claim him for our own, he is actually a scotsman :)



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