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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

my love for you


kate's room. i'm on her bed, her things carefully scattered around me and pushed to one side all at the same time. kate's perched at her desk, attempting to get an outline for a presentation that has been postponed indefinately because of a strike down on her word processor. morgen's in the doorway, wearing kate's curious george pj pants, telling me about an essay that involves plato. the other kate walks by and the smell of her shampoo drifts slowly through the air, leaving a trail behind her.

god i fucking love these people.


Blogger James said...

In reply to your recent query: yes, yes I did send you a The Notwist song. Most likely it was "One With The Freaks"
The radio station has their new album and I played one of the songs and it was good.



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