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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

and they were dancing and singing

before i go to bed, i generally eat a bowl of rice krispies.

sometimes this is a good thing. milk actually does calm me down and i like the noise cereal makes a lot. however, sometimes it's a bad thing because food before bed inevitable makes me dream of the most random things- everything from dating a childhood friend [that was more like a nightmare, actually] to having a conversation with the rock in a fancy posh ladies' bathroom.

last night, i had no cereal and still managed to dream that i was at a concert in toronto in the cityTV building. gordon downie was playing, and he kept referring to how great it was to be in the nation's capital. and i was so fucking pissed. i mean, here's gordon, a freaking canadian and he's referring to toronto as the nation's capital. and not just once, but between every song, every little anecdote, every time he could he just threw that reference in.

of course, i know the real gordon wouldn't do that- instead he's just thirll me by singing words like 'riot' and by doing that dance that only he can do.


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