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Sunday, February 19, 2006

come on come on help me do

morgen walks in just as i- in a VERY ladylike manner- yell "you FUCKING fucker!" as loudly as i can.

tomorrow my clone is coming to ottawa. and then, later on in the evening, my younger brother is also coming and we are going to have a few days of general awesomeness together in the deep freeze that is ottawa. in preparation, i've cleaned the house [almost] from top to bottom. i scrubbed the walls in soem places even. and i finally- after weeks of chopping vegetables and doing dishes in half light- tackled the challaenge known as our kitchen light fixture.

i grew up in an old house, so i know they have their quirks. i know about plaster walls and crooked floors and expansion and contraction in the summer and winter. i know about backwards pipes and weird light switches and tricks to getting stuck cupboards open but never, EVER in my life have i encountered anything as ridiculous as our kitchen light fixture in my entire life.

of course, the superhero disguised as a mere morgen saved the day and now, once again we have light. real light. enough light to be able to distinguish between a carrot and your finger.

in other radnom news- i have created life in the form of a sock monkey named wallace. like doctor frankenstein i am slightly horrified at what i have created- he's so cute that i might throw up.


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Damn, if a sock monkey causes that kind of reaction, never get a kitten.



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