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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

jesus don't cry

the snow is falling heavily here, like a blanket. sometimes it's hard to notice, living in a city, the way it collects on the braches of trees or how it piles up around foot prints. what's not lost however, is the way the light thrown from some window or streetlight reflects off of each flake as it quickly descends to the ground below.

once again, today found my time eaten by the time gnomes. today they came in the guise of a shopping trip with liz. you see, two years ago i bought a mancoat. a prime calfskin and wool coat right from the seventies. and man, is it ever warm. it's also a size forty four which- although impressive- i don't quite fill. [maybe three years ago, when i was twice the girl i am now, literally]. currently, i can wear three sweaters and still have room to dance in that sucka. anyways, it's beginning to fall apart and it weighs a tonne and it so strongly resembles jake gyllenhal's coat in brokeback mountain in my mind that i decided that it was time for a new coat.

of course, i was instantly drawn to the fine wool and cashmere combination that beckoned from the rack.

the vox instantly took over: "stunning darkish-brown double-breasted pea-type coat.... you will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine." then, of course, there was the matter of the price tag. originally two hundred and some odd dollars [who the fuck has that much money to spend on a fantastic-but-not-the-best-EVER coat in real life? i mean honestly!] the spring season had pushed the price down to sixty dollars.

hahahaha- spring season. because it's just so warm.

i however, will now be warm in this "spring" weather with my fine new wool and cashmere coat. i will also be stylish with my new generic-brand bag [that i had to model for liz in different colours with the new coat on to ensure that it would be an ok bag to buy] and backpack. and i'll also stop feeling nauseous very soon about the one hundred and fifty dollars i managed to spend randomly when i really should have been memeorizing sanskrit and pali terms for my midterm on thursday....

oh me.


Blogger 3rd daughter said...

yeah! the return of the vox. i like the vox :)


Blogger Saroja said...

Hahaha! You did it! New coat! I can't wait to see. :D



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