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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

i couldn't fight it

one of my major annoyances of all life are people who get on a bus and ride it for only one or two stops, and then get off, alone, making the bus stop unnecessairly not once, but twice.

some may argue that that is what the bus is for. but sometimes, say, during peak rush hours on busy throughfairs in larger cities, two stops which are really only two blocks apart can be walked faster by the solo person and can actually cut back on congestion and the like. also- the health benefits have been clearly drilled into us by the evil media we all depend on for life. so why, why then, do so many people- and mostly young, healthy, able bodied people- ride the damned bus for two stops?

i mean, i at least get on for four.


Blogger James said...

Last fall I watched a black guy who was probably six four ride a bike made for an eight year old ponderously slow past the bus. I noticed because he looked funny, bieng so big on a small bike (yet somehow, he pulled off gangsta very well while doing it). Four major interesctions later, I watched the same guy pass the bus, again. I could totally have walked to the mall faster than that bus ride. Ah well.


Blogger Heather said...

Man, people do that here in Owen Sound, too. They'll get on the bus at the station, go two blocks and get off. It's just baffling...



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