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Sunday, January 22, 2006

flavum nom de leesh

most of my favourite movies of life have john cusak in them. there's something in just how ordinary he is, how regular he seems on the outside that appeals to me. plus, he is majestic. awesomely majestic. anyways- before i go off on a rant about the appeal of mr. cusak- in high fidelity, based on the most excellent book by nick hornby, there's this scene where he and lisa bonet are talking about breaking up. they're talking about moving on in life. they're discussing the bad parts and the good parts.

i'm nto sure if it's lisa or john, but some one says a really poignant line about "stuff". something about how they hate the 'dividing up stuff' times in a relationship- about how it's the worst time.

i think this is applicable in any instance. dividing up stuff when someone is gone seems deplorable because it's so sad that someone's entire life seems to be stripped down to a few cardboard boxes, to old photos and scraps of paper that are thrown out anf small trinkets that have lost their meaning.

i know life is so much more than stuff, but the stuff part is just so sad. i'm inclined to agree with lisa and john on that one hundred percent.


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