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Monday, January 16, 2006

'cos you, my love, i could never believe

i like to describe mornings like the one i had today as the 'i've-been-hit-with-a-board' type.

you know that feeling- you've been up most of the night because of various or nefarious reasons. your face is puffy and you look as if you've forgotten to take off your mascara or, alternately, that someone punched you twice in the face. you have sheet lines on the backs of your hands. your nightclothes are twisted and your mouth feels like it's turned to a deserted ghost town that even tumbleweeds avoid.

after shoving in your contacts you also notice that your eyes are bloodshot, your gimp-leg ankle is swollen and despite washing your hair in a midnight shower, you still look like you've been living in the bush for a few weeks. add stains of coffee to the sweater you pull on and really, you've got quite a coherent picture of what i looked like this morning.

then i found out that with the wind chill- it's negative thirty one degrees centigrade outside today. gorgeously sunny, of course, as all of the arctic air masses seem to be high pressure ones, but cold enough to make your tears freeze.

i think that staying home from class yet again might have actually been the best decision of the day thus far.


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