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Thursday, January 05, 2006

too many things that i want to say

i like snow.

i'm not a skiier, or a snowboarder. i think that snowmobiling is a sin. i can't skate [despite years of trying] and snowshoes and i have issues because of the large mannish feet i have inherited from god knows where. despite this, i do enjoy the snow and winter- there's something about the way cold smells, about the squeak of snow under your boots and the way trees look when they are covered ina light dusting that strikes a chrod in me.

i do not, however, like the ice and freezing rain that comes with snow. like today, the first meaningful day of school. right now i should be in my intro to buddhism class with professor salmond. he'll probably show us pictures from kashmir just because he can. [even though that's more hinduism...but whatever]. regardless- i'm not there. i won't be in shakespeare and i'll miss yet another damned brit lit class because of all the damned ice and slush that has made venturing out on one foot and two sticks with rubber ends far too treacherous to risk.

i think i might be going crazy with this forced confinement. like, who the fuck stays home because it's a little bit slippery?

jesus on a donkey. four weeks and four days seem like a freakin' eternity.


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