'the adventures of a thirty-ish university graduate' or, alternately and perhaps much more aptly: 'as mad as a barking fox'

Sunday, December 11, 2005

my mother says when you going to live your life right?

house intervention: accomplished.

i think things went rather well, over all. it turns out that my leg is bionic, kate and morgen have superpowers [especially morgen], and kate ramer really is scary and very no-bullshit when she wants to be without being incomprehensible. james just brought up the same old shit about how he's hard done by- but we got some emotion from him this time in that he did tell me to 'shut the fuck up' a couple of times.

well, at least we know there's a soul in there. an angry, embittered, ill soul who really needs help, but will have to seek elsewhere for a caring, nurturing environment.

in the meantime, kate and i have started referring to him as the dweller- a man-like beast who smells funny, wants sympathy and who has more than worn out his welcome.

harsh? my bad. totally my bad.


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