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Monday, November 28, 2005

ready to begin

it's the six week anniversary.

i told james and kate that i had the means to bake acake. and i do, except that trying to bake a cake whilst gimpy isn't the easiest thing, so i decided against it. instead i made some knorr soup and ate some chocolate that liz sent me.

i also spent a lot of time today watching people walking.

the amount of pedestrians in ottawa really is astounding. and they brave all kinds of weather- like icy rain this morning and snow yesterday and unseasonable warm conditions tomorrow. they're down every street. they stop caring about what they look like. most of them have ipods or some sort of music plugged in.

i miss the anonymity of walking down a street with headphones on, making up stories about the lives of the people i see inside my head. i miss one foot in front of the other, solidly contacting the ground, squeaking in the snow, slipping on the ice, ringing off the frozen pavement. i miss being able to run out to grab some milk. i miss walking up stairs.

eight weeks to go.


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