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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

the first line on the first page

i've been witness to a lot of gross things in my life.

two summers ago we had a fish overload and we were forced to keep all of the garbage that we produced in the not-so-cold outside ice house. when garbage day rolled around and we started pulling the bags of trash out, the ground actually crawled with the maggots that poured out of every bag.

i thought that that would win for the grossest thing of life ever, but two weeks and a day ago, something even grosser won out: the noise my left leg made when a green vovlo driven by a woman named cheryl failed to yield and drove into me as i was crossing the street.

the bones and cartiledge that were crushed made a sound like wet and dry rice crispies being mashed between two planks of rough wood.

yeah, that's the new gross out of life right there. my knee versus a volvo.



Anonymous Clair said...

Ouch! Your poor poor knee!



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