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Sunday, October 16, 2005

so, how do you love?

i'm eating popcorn, lamb firmly planted on my head, socks slowly falling off, tucked up in the ugly blanket and watching a report on football [goddamnit will someone please explain that sport to me it makes no sense AT ALL] when the horrible truth hits me.

i didn't leave the house for two days. and i spent most of today listening to justin timberlake.

i can't decide which is worse.


Anonymous Anna said...

Meaghan dearest I miss you.......send me your friggin address so I friggin send you some useless mail form this wondereous post-communist republic I'm in!!!!!!!!
Oh by the way, the russian street vendors here sell pirated copies of the Arcade Fire.

ps. don't worry, justin timberlake is still good. I suggest you turn on some of polish radio's europ pop for complete sin and corruption. "Devil Music!!! Devil Music!!!"



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