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Friday, October 14, 2005

wheat kings and pretty things

i'm so inarticulate when i want so much to try and capture it all in words.

have you ever had a day where things start off slower than molasses and stay that way until an unexpected moment forces thing to speed up? and has that moment ever been possibly the most ridiculous and seemingly unimportant thing that could happen?

autum really has come- with the sky hanging heavy with grey clouds over the tops of the buildings- more than half the leaves have been stripped from the trees and lay on the ground, their brilliant colours creating a vibrant carpet to cover the dull pavement grey of my world. the rain that fell today was small and misty and instantly soaked my head and my shoes and my pants and the dastardly socks i was forced to wear.

i converted/am converting compy [the poor old bastard] to itunes in anticipation of one-day-someday getting an ipod. it's out of my league money wise right now- but i can pretend and then jump on the bandwagon of the lemurs of society- i counted seventy three pairs of white headphones [and thus, in my reasoning, ipods] on people today- lemurslemurslemurs with such fine taste.

i have a sudden desire to knead mud with my toes.


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Blogger megs said...

fuck i hate spam. it ruins my ambiance.

hahaha, ambiance yesssss.



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