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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

'cos i feel like

in my search to see only the positive of my current situation, i've been thinking over my days.

generally, i wake up, take some drugs, shift my leg a bit, crutch to the bathroom, then to the couch where my marmee brings me coffee. i then look out the window, pet the cats and check the weather. then, after some food, i make my way back to my room to get dressed- if i'm feeling particularly spunky i venture back into the bathroom with my sexy shower seat for a shower. the rest of the day is then spent reclining and eating various sundry goods brought to me by my mom.

so, the positive in all of this [besides the fact that i get to recline all day]?

i've discovered martha. and i don't think my world will ever be the same.

go figure.


Blogger Heather said...

Oh man, Martha's like crack. Bellan watches it all the time, and I catch it when I can.

We totally wanted to make her Halloween graveyard cake. That thing was AWESOME.


Blogger James said...




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