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Saturday, December 31, 2005

need the rain to wash away our bad love

people are slowly drifting in- a physical reflection of the sparkles that are spposed to be snow dancing outside the front window. it's all framed by lights that change colour and which reflect in a tree made of tinsel.

new years eve. i'm twenty one. i'm sitting on my floor, working on my school work. some part of me is asking if this is what someone of my age is supposed to be doing on a night like this. the other part of me is shaking its head- this is what i do every new years.

next year i promise to laugh and cry a little more. i promise to tell you what i mean even if it scares me. or you. i'll dance more with my shoes off regardless of who can see me. i promise less drama, and more drama than you can handle. i promise merlot, schnapps, firelight and hardwood floors in all kinds of weather. i promise you that someone will die, someone will live and someone will move on. i promise more bad music [including but not limited to justin timberlake and britney spears] and i promise to try my hand at singing in public. i promise i'll walk, and never take something like going up a flight of stairs for granted ever ever again.

mostly, i promise to be me. i can't really guarantee you anythign else.

catch you on the flip side.


Blogger Saroja said...

Batman, I love you more than any words can say. Happy New Year!! I wish we could have rung it in together...but you are in my heart always no matter where your marvelous melon-self happens to be.


Blogger Heather said...

Happy news years, Megs. I hope 2006 is fffabulous.

Oh, I applied for a job in the interlibrary loans department at Carleton. Next time you're in the library, wanna walk near the staff and talk loudly about your great friend Heather, who looooves interlibrary loans?



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