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Monday, February 06, 2006

i go about things the long way

let's see here. a year in review perhaps is the best way to go about this.

we started off with snow and cold. there was secret love, a visit from candice, dress shopping, a visit from melissa and the night of the chiken penis, or chenis if you will. there was the hums formal, fire alarms, latin tests and the d minus paper. there were the stolen cds in the middle of the long long longlonglong bus ride. there was bed appropriation and two lovely days with two lovely ladies. there was a sunburn in april, a crazy assed move-out and curried pineapple. there was a wedding. there was fish- a lot of fucking fish. there were movies including but not limited to star wars episode three. there was quite a bit of skin damage and swimming alomst every night in the month of july. there were three tips to ottawa, painting in forty degree, one hundred and eighty billion percent humidity weather. there was camping with the boys and a six hour hike all by myself just because i felt like it. there was moving back to ottawa, discovering the neighbourhood and walking to school. there was more houspaitning and pie baking and getting to know the room mates. there was a trip home for turkey, and a trip back. god bless airplanes.

there was getting hit by a car, using a bed pan, having surgery, getting an epidural and having gerry the homosexual nurse massage my good leg. there was codeiene, trips in the back of the van on a mattress and a walker. there were crutches and a shower stool. there was frustration. there was reclinging- so much recling. there was a lot of martha stewart.

there was u2.

there was the dweller.

there was christmas without kelly. there were a lot of cookies baked and a lot of dished washed. there was crutching to classes and nearly dying, but developing manly arm muscles. there was cathcing up on papers- the neverending chore. there was dad. there was his funeral there was being stuck in a motel that i SWEAR was run by norman bates with all my siblings and my mom. there was freezing rain- CONSTANTLY. there was learning how to walk again. there was appreciating stairs and carrying coffee.

quite frankly, i have to say that was quite the year. let's see what twenty two brings, shall we?


Blogger 3rd daughter said...

happy birthday. my best friend shares your birthday and she is scottish but not 30 :)


Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Happy Birthday!!


Anonymous carlsberg said...

happy bday too..im not just saying that cause i was remindedof the other comments.. cause i remembered...

and im sorry to hear about the car hitting part

ah meg pie.


love to you darling...

my email is carlymoew@hotmail.com




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