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Friday, February 10, 2006

i hope you don't mind

so, i really secretly love the x-files.

i mean really love it. but not the later seasons when it wasn't mulder and scully anymore after david duchovny left. but before that- up until about the middle of season seven- man, i just can't seem to get enough of that action.

i watched the x-files all through grade school. i think that i missed eight episodes in total- and i can tell you what happened in them anyways. my best friends-who-are-boys from grade school and i really started hanging out together because of the x-files. i hate to admit it, but adam and i used to even call each other mulder and scully [owen was totally krycek... sucka!]. monday mornings were made that much easier by the fact that before class started, we could all gather round and talk about WHAT HAPPENED. and yes- WHAT HAPPENED needs to be capitalized like that because it was usually some serious shit.

some of the best episodes were in seasons five and six. there was just enough conspiracy to make watching a necessity, and just enough stand-alone episodes to make it fun.

one of the local/toronto stations here in ottawa has been airing the x-files in order every night at ten o'clock. most days i watch it- it's just before the news and after lost or house and therefore fits nicely into my t.v. schedule.

tonight's episode was the 'back in time' episode.

sounds hokey yes- but i think it may be one of the better x-files there is. mulder goes to the bermuda triangle and ends up on the queen anne, a ship that has been boared by the nazis who are searching for thor's hammer. various [and quite hilarious, i must say] characters from the rest of the show pop up either as nazis or crewmen on the ship as mulder wanders around trying to convince the boat to turn around to their future. the filming is also impeccable- enormously long one-take segments dominate most of the episode and make things seem a little more real.

also- scully kisses skinner and mulder kisses her back in time. and then the back-in-time scully totally punches mulder. this just tops the cake for the drama loving girly-girl in me- i actually cackled loudly, spilling popcorn and yelled "BAAAAAM!" when each of these incidents went down.

my god, i am such a dork sometimes.


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