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Sunday, February 26, 2006

beautiful my love

the other night on my way to swimming i caught the light to cross kent just as it turned in my favour. gimping slightly, not paying much attention, wondering at the intense cold, i am snapped back to reality by the screech of near-threadbare tires on icy pavement. i stop and an old battered station wagon finally comes to a halt part way through the cross walk about five feet in front of me. the driver gesticulates madly, waving me across.

patiently, slowly, i gimp in front him. seconds dont pass after i clear the front of his car before he gun his engines, wheels spinning, into a right hand turn, the rear end of his car fishtailing wildly in the snow.

assuming it can't hurt, i flip him the bird in my mitted hands and yell after him.


i don't realize how ridiculous i must both look and sound until i hear snickers from across the road. a younger man smiles, gives me the thumbs up and tells me way to be.

oh yes, it seems my powers of allurment are beginning to return.


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