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Sunday, March 12, 2006

at least we were together holding hands

it's true what they say about the full moon and it making people crazy.

kate and i left the house just before noon, planning to walk to the bank, hop a bus, grab some fruit and then come back to homework and laundry. once we got outside, though, it was hard to stick to that plan. even though st. patrick's day isn't until next friday, ottawa sure did have a parade wherein there were many scary [and stoned on shrooms, i'm convinced] leprechauns and lovely men in kilts. i've not seen anything like it ever in my life. kate and i stood right near the ends, mouths agape,laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

and enjoying every minuteof it, of course.

and then we did make it to the fruit store, and i bought a pineapple. it's said that smell is the strongest memory- pineapple makes me think of so many good things all rolled into one that whenever i buy one my teeth hurt from their continuous exposure.

we strolled most of the way home, made vegetable sandwiches and i sat in a chair with the sun on my face, bright lights dancing on the inside of my eyelids for over an hour. kate came and sat down eventually, and we nattered about next to nothing for a good while. when i finally got up, the world had that washed out look to it, everything a few shades duller than what they usually appeared.

on my way to leslie's, on a whim, i pick up a bouquet of flowers. when i walk through the market, men and women alike pause and watch their bright colours slowly arc through the air as i swing them mercilessly around, my red scarf clashing horribly with my pink sweater and my sunglasses protecting me from a sun that has nearly gone.

coming home after meeting bob-bert, eating too much cake, and watching sense and sensibility [hugh laurie's in it, you know] i just can't help but laugh at the antics of everyone out and about. me included, of course.

most are saying its the weather. others are blaming it on the fact that it's a saturday. the words 'march break' echo out of every conversation as an explaination for what's going on.

it's the man sitting on the pavement, an old hat out in front of him for spare change, though, that has it right.

"full moon fever!" he cackles to no one, pointing up at the orb that hangs just above the walkway between one side of rideau and the other. "full moon fever gets 'em every time."


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