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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the time has come to say fair's fair

i like the way the word veracity rolls around in my mouth.

the past week has been a blur of three a.m., word perfect, mugs on the floor, bad music, and scratchy eyeballs due to contacts being in too long. outside, the mud is starting to have that promising smell of good things and squishable-ness. if that's even a word.

i walked home today, stopping to buy nine apples, eight pears, seven mushrooms and on-sale lettuce that's only a wee bit brown around the edges. just over the canal- which has turned brackish with melting ice and the run off from the road- i run into kiersten and lindsey in a bus shelter. they ask in chorus if i'm coing to alcesties tonight.

you see, every year the college has a dramatic reading to thanks its mentors, and then, after the reading, there is ALWAYS a reception that involves platters of fruit and cheese and wine.

gallons and gallons of wine.

free wine.

needless to say, i smell that adventure i asked for the other day on the horizon. i also smell a possible hangover and a load of fun, but mostly i smell an adventure. look out batman, look out.


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