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Saturday, March 25, 2006

we don't wanna go

the three of us- the two kates and i- sat on the couch in companionable silence for most of an hour this evening watching what not to underwear, quietly munching on popcorn and chocolate chips.

later, after kate s. and i have tried to watch the bbc production of troilus and cressida [and failed miserably] i make my way into the other kate's room, conquer her bed where she eventually tells me the story of my future boyfriend.

according to kate, he's taller than me, one of my acquaintances has him as a friend [she suggested peter as boys hang out with boys more often that not], smokes on occasion and when stressed, likes to cook, understands red wine, is willing to put up a bit of a fight, is a coffee fiend and has a maybe regular name, a maybe not regular name.

if you know him, please tell him to call me so we can begin our future relationship that will not end in tragedy or with me throwing anything.... or so kate tells me.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweetheart, you know peter's roommate jon? he is sooo your future boyfriend



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