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Sunday, April 23, 2006

people think i'm craaaaaaazy

ottawa slipped into summer last week, the pavement reflecting and holding heat long after the sun dropped behind the houses and the just-beginning-to-bud trees that sit to the west of us. girls wore short skirts, snadls were brought out and all of our house smelled like a mixture of when we moveed in sunscreen and the tropical fruit sitting on our table.

rather than studying properly for my exams, i enjoyed the sun to its full extent. i also enjoyed the nightlife a bit. namely, frat boys down at zaphod's. i know alcohol isn't supposed to be an excuse for any kind of behaviour, however, a bottle of red wine, some vodka and a shot of tequila makes me craaaaaazy. throw in some pot [which, for those keeping track, i've indulged in twice this weekend] and the grand result is me on a dance floor busting skanky moves with two boys at once.

who knew i had it in me?

this morning lacked a sunrise as a heavy bank of clouds dumping down rain intermittantly has been sitting over my city for a few days now. despite the sombre looking outside, our house was full of laughter and music and good food as morgen and kate and i [and three friends- dan, trevor and UNSUB] made a sunday morning feast that defies any conventional language for description.

it was good. i mean really, fucking, good.

and now, the afternoon more than half over, i'm crawling back into bed with frankenboring and a pencil entirely content.


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