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Monday, May 15, 2006

poisoned lips doom romance

maryanne quite literally snorts as i scrawl across the fish ben is taking home: to ben, love the salmon in bright blue marker. this sets in action a chain of events that ends with veronica shaking her head as a whole fish slides to the floor in supreme slow motion.

there's soemthing different going on. it's not tragic, or dramatic, or evil,or petty, or stupid or ridiculous [in a bad way] at work any more.

if this is how it had always been, i wouldn't have been so reluctant to come home once more.

in other completely random news, our rabbit has gone to rabbit heaven, i have a new obsession with the tea party and i really, really, really need to wash my pink sweater.

oh wiarton life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

2 Pie 4 The Sky!
Have a good weekend KegMate



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