'the adventures of a thirty-ish university graduate' or, alternately and perhaps much more aptly: 'as mad as a barking fox'

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

travel south 'cross land

the past few days have been quite indescribable.

starting with a drive to to airport under a hanging, huge, yellow banana moon, i've had theological debates, ten hours of sleep [give or take a bit], a ridiculous amount of eggs prepared overhard, scads of wine and amaretto, cookies, sugar, and fun. there's been an amazing amount of assholery in the kitchen, cookie deliveries, pole dancing with human poles to justin timberlake, thirty plus centimetres of snow, the beatles, a man who smelled of oil and two men with hilarious french who, after fixing our hot water heater, told me i had beautiful teeth. there's been a horrific amount of dishes, one hell of a house clean-up, floor mopping, and wet feet.

tonight will, i think, combine all of that and then some.

gods, i love this.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

nothing you can say that can't be sung

so the other night i went out on a hot date with myself to the movies.

ensconsced in my giant coat and two scarves and a funky hat, i followed the street south to the mayfair, paid nine dollars and, sitting in the back, on the left, sat for the next two hours with my mouth agape at the sheer magnitude of the images assaulting my senses. i got goosebumps. i smiled until my face hurt. and i left when the movie was over convinced that across the universe is pretty much one of the most astounding things i've seen in a long time.

i went again- just to make sure i wasn't imagining things.

when max stands up and yells "jude! jude! jude jude jude jude jude jude!!" i think my heart exploded.

in a good kind of way.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

wake up in the morning

i've only managed to half dress myself today.

luckily, that half-ness was the pants part.

i've spent hours reading things; old speechs, poetry, parts of the gospels, just about anything that caught my eye today. i managed to clean my room- all hail the mighty vacuum cleaner and its ability to banish dust rhinos!- and create a cohesive list of christmas gifts for the upcoming weeks of social ridiculousness.

and the entire time, i've been listening to the beatles.

i associate them so closely with my father, and days spent at his house after he and my mother separated. countless dinners were had accompanied by the soft sounds and ridiculous accents of lennon and mccartney, harrison and starr. i'd forgotten about so many songs, partly because i've not heard them for years.


to be frank, i can't believe it's been years.

and i can't believe i waited this long to re-introduce myself.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

love, love will tear us apart

i love shoveling.

like, a lot.

Monday, December 03, 2007

i got out of bed today, swear to god i couldn't see my face

i couldn't sleep last night, even after trying every trick in the book. or, well, every trick in MY book.

i wandered around our house in the dark, relishing the different temperatures of each room- our kitchen is hot, our dining room mediocre, and our living room is consistantly morgue-like. outside, the glow from the yellow-orange street light wavered as huge flakes fell from the sky, piling up at an astonishing rate outside.

when sleep finally claimed me- after three, nearly dawn- i had the most vivid dreams. lace and taffeta and sparkles and walks along the tops of cliffs with familiar-but-not girls are still behind my eyes, even after double coffee and apple butter for breakfast.

i am going to find a shovel and spend a few hours shifting the show in our parking lot around. i wouldn't dream of driving on a day like today, but it'll maybe clear my head a bit and get me to sleep at a decent, dark hour tonight.