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Monday, February 09, 2004

don't drag my love around

this morning was a good morning.

i woke up with enough time to have a shower, make coffee, drink it and brush my teeth. what a way to start! on to latin class, which was not as nice, but we slogged through it. grinchy tried to make some jokes, but we just wouldn't take.

then came lunch. which was even less nice than the latin grammar.

and then i checked my mail.

there was a letter waiting for me. normally i would be estatic. i was for about three point oh four seconds before the doubt hit me. it was a card from my dad. the first birthday card in years. and inside he had written me a letter.

"i know you don't need advice from 'THE DEAD BEAT DAD'" catches my eye.

sometimes i want to stoop to a really low level and say some really mean things. instead, i wrote my dad a letter.

i only hope it isn't as hollow sounding as i feel right now.


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