'the adventures of a thirty-ish university graduate' or, alternately and perhaps much more aptly: 'as mad as a barking fox'

Sunday, February 15, 2004

you are my drugs boy

i fell out of kate's van as quickly as i could. it had been a long and seemingly never ending day of train, train and more train. granted, it's a very easy and beautiful way to travel, but there was home right in front of me.

"thank you sooo much." i exclaim as i grab my eighty pounds of baggage and stumble, almost running towards the door.

i am greeted by james blue, holding a beer. he grabs me and makes funny noises.

i drag all my stuff into the house, dropping it on the floor. james, jared and stu bell come down the stairs, grinning like idiots. they welcome me home, all talking at once. i'm handed a cornoa.

"we're listening to sad bastard music. want to come upstairs with us?" who wouldn't want to?

so instead of sitting around and feeling sorry for myself on bon jovi day, i sat with some of the best people in the world, drank corona, ate pizza pockets and enjoyed life.

boo hoo hoo i'm really fucking sad just couldn't apply to me.

"i am the master of the universe!" my brain tells me. i love it when i'm right.


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