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Thursday, February 12, 2004

because i'm all about value

i scratched my head and banged out another hundred words on the keyboard before i decided that it truly was time to go to bed.

the night before last kate and i stayed up talking. there's no use saying that we were working, because we' weren't. just talking and talking and talking. last night however, we did stay up doing work.

rather, i stayed up and kate went to sleep after her bedtime story.

"helooooooo...now, you do realize that it's two forty am right?" sometimes when it's late the inner voice can only state the obvious. "even if you're not going to go to grinchy's class tomorrow, I COULD USE SOME SLEEP!"

i don't really want to comply, but it's been proven that the inner voice knows best. so i crawl into bed.

when i awake, it's to a fuzzy feeling and a warm glow on my fcae. my feet are sticking out of the bottom of my bed, tucked under the frame, and my left arm is terribly asleep. kate is talking.

"dude. what the fuck?" for a moment i think she's sleeping, until a foreign voice responds from the direction of the door.

"yeah..huh...i'm uh...just checkin' out other people's rooms. hey!" some random person has wandered into our room again with the intent of visiting. great. except for the fact that it's four am, and he's stoned on some sort of substance, methinks homemade draino or something.

kate proceeds to order a very stoned wonder boy to 'get the fuck out because it's four am' and then turns off the light he left on. i hear her mumbling when she crawls back into bed. "crazy fucking...."

five mintes later, wonder boy is back.

"yo..hey. yeah so i so thought that this was like, you know, the room next door. hey do you want to come over?"

kate begins to get slightly...miffed.

"can you get the fuck out?" she asks. "i have class tomorrow."

when kate sounds angry you don't fuck around. unless you're wonder boy. however, after a few more words of "encouragement" wonder boy left and kate got up to turn the light he left on.

"i locked the fucking door." she announces. she crawls back into bed, and we both drift back to sleep.

oh, the wonder of drug induced early morning visits by wonder boys.


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