'the adventures of a thirty-ish university graduate' or, alternately and perhaps much more aptly: 'as mad as a barking fox'

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

we were merely freshmen

people always told me that i would learn great things at university. "your mind will be opened to so many things" they said to me. most of them meant that i would be exposed to new kowledge by means of books and lectures and discussion groups.

i won't remember these things thirty years from now.

what i will remember is sitting up late with kate, talking about dysfunctional families, psychosis, bad music and the demands of society. i will not remember the stresses of papers that have no clear direction or outline. i will remember going on midnight coke runs. i will not remember how much this coke cost. i will remember coffee in the mornings strained through paper towels, not that there were grounds of coffee in every cup i drink. i will remember the anecdotes my teachers tell me, not the lessons they recite.

i think that i'm going to remember what's important.


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