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Sunday, February 22, 2004

the most gigantic words in the dictionary

"it's because i'm emotionally attached to the land." i tell kate.

we're talking about owen sound. when we woke up we were assualted with the hard fact that we were in residence...again. our only option for food was the cafe...again. we couldn't recline on our couches...again. the places of our childhood memories were far away...again. our familes, whom we love, couldn't be physically poked...again.

however, we could eat rice crisps first thing in the morning...again. we could listen to whatever music we wanted...again. we could walk to the library in less than ten minutes...again. we could swear freely...well, i think we can do that at home but it seems less badass here.

there's so many upsides to both places. including the emotional attachment.

"you're emotionally attcahed to milan?" kate asks me.

"no..no. the land."

that early morning rice crisp got in the way of my mouth.


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