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Thursday, January 06, 2005

my baby don't mess around

i step out of the bathroom, my hands brushing against the hips of my jeans. anna and ashley are sitting in the common room, talking about toilet paper.

"you shold see polish toilet paper!" anna exclaims. she holds up her hands in front of her as she continues to speak, trying to give a symbol for it's declaired badness. "you know that... that... paper you have in art class? the really rough brown stuff? that paper towel?"

images come to mind. i think it's possibly the lowest grade of paper ever created. it's usually still got chunks of wood in it. it's rough. it's horrible, and it's really good for nothing. i nod that i understand what she's talking about.

"that's what polish toilet paper is like." we all stop talking to ponder this for a moment before anna continues. "you can pay more money for stuff coloured blue and yellow though."


Blogger Korrey Williams said...

Heh heh, that's great.



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