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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

tough, you think you've got the stuff

"you FUCKER!" i grunt, pushing forward with all of my might. "you FUCKING motherFUCKER!" my legs tremble, and despite my all, i am thrust back, the only sound penetrating the dimness is my breathing and the slow squeak squeak squeak of-

[jesus- i just realized that i was totally writing porn-like material there. hahahahaha- i even said penetrating. sorry. the juvenile me has revealed herself yet again. i wonder though, maybe if i said slow and high pitched squeak?]

- the tires of the van as they slowly roated in the snow.

i haven't really been driving poor vanny much lately [read:not once since the fifth of december. whoops?] so i had to go and dig the poor bastard out, de-ice him and make sure he'd start up in the cold. apparently going from cold to hot in a few minutes isn't an issue with the old van- i just need some help from behind in order to really get him moving.

[i'll let you interpret that as you will].


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