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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

but not being there might break your sweet heart

sharon and i catch each other's eye, and that's almost the end of it. i manage to contain my snickering, and return to the sheet in front of me.

"sed in eis erat sempronia, quae multa saepe uirilis audaciae fainora commiserat." i chew the end of my pen, shifting in my seat, and jot down what i think the translation for this means.

"libido sic accensa, ut saepius peteret uiros quam peteretur." i chuckle to myself, and jot down the sentence easily. [of course i would remember the one about lust and propositioning].

and then that's it. second year is half over. all of my exams are done. i've survived. it's time to pack up and go home and have christmas and do some readings in preparation for next term. things are moving along.

my god- can someone get me a stiff drink? i think it's time to stop.


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