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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

from the brightest star comes the blackest hole

crawling out of bed this moring was one mighty confused megs.

i went to bed before midnight yesterday and almost immediately fell asleep, in a log like position. [read: face mashed into pillow, on stomach, limbs akimbo and caught in sheet]. and i dreamed. and dreamed. and dreamed.

there was a man, and he brought me tea, but the tea was purple and smelled of lavendar. his shirt was pink but he wore no shoes, even though it was snowing in my room. music was playing in the background- i'm pretty sure it was have yourself a merry little christmas. and in the corner was my latin professor, smiling crookedly and decked out in everything leather and bondage.

before you think i have a thing for him or am slightly deranged thinking of bondage and my latin professor, let me explain.

on monday we had a mini party in latin class because it was the last day of classes. we all brought in food to share with everyone, and there was even wine. [hey- it was noon somewhere in the world]. anyways, in addition to this, we were supposed to dress up in togas- so we all had sheets draped around us and were parading around like dorks.

now, in roman times there were these people called lictors, who pretty much [if you go according to cicero's acount of things] went around and beat people with sticks and whips. so when i went to latin, i decided that i would be a lictor and took my black leather bondage spanker.

[look- don't ask, just accept that i have it, ok?]

anyways, i sitting there talking to joe when my professor comes up and asks us what the whip is. i explain it to him [it still has the tag with it's picture on i, so it's pretty clear]. he looks at me for a few momemnts, stes down his drink and then, extending his right arm, rolls back his sleeve and looks at me.

"c'mon then, give us a go."

i stare at him, and am about to slap my professor with a bloody bondage spanker when it hit me that THIS IS MY PROFESSOR. he's not only the person who teaches me latin and roman history, but the person who will be grading all of my work in forty percent of my classes for the year. i tell him i can't, and am forced to retreat to the other side of the room.

maybe i should have spanked him?


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