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Friday, December 03, 2004

and walked the night alone

my laughs echoes and rebounds against the walls of the movie theatre as i convulse with glee at the ending of bridget jones: the edge of reason. [i know- entirely chick movie. but i really loved the first one and how can i not watch something with colin firth in it? he's condusive to sweet dreams you know...]

the theatre in south keys is set up slighty oddly so that when you exit from the separate sides of the theatre, you meet exactly with the crowd from the other side of the theatre. [and how many times can she say theatre in the same sentence?]. kate and i met up as we were some of the last people to be exiting.

timing it exactly to the music that was playing over the credits, we look at each other, and using our thumbs as fake microphones we both sing out loud and clear "ever-las-ting loooove!"

the two male theatre attendants look at us, look at each other, and dissolve into laughter.

again- point to me for being a total dork in front of the opposite sex. sign me up for the nunnery- i believe i might possibly be hopeless in matters concerning the opposite sex.

[i also guess it wouldn't help to mention that i'm wearing massive underpants just like bridget right now, would it? damn you comfortable underwear! DAMN YOU!]


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