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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

i'm not easy on my knees

as is quite apparent, i have a... thing for u2.

we're not talking a passing admiration, or a few cds. i mean a i-will-clamour-on-my-hands-and-knees-through-broken-glass-for-melon kind of thing. [if you don't know what melon is, don't worry, it's ok. just know it's u2-related and precious, savvy?]

today marks the north american relase of their eleventh studio album. the reviews have been all over the board- it's the best, it's ok, it's sentimental crap, it's just plain crap, it's poetry, it's a guitar album, it's the most christian album... blah blah blah.

a few weeks ago the album leaked out online and i have to admit that i downloaded some of the songs. like, four of them. some of them made me want to cheer because i loved them so much. and some of them i hated when i first heard them. [especially all because of you]. all of them eventually made me dance with no pants on around my room because i of course ended up loving each pirated song.

i went and got my official copy of how to dismantle an atomic bomb tonight. [not the boxed set mind- i asked for that for christmas, but i did buy the edition of the regular album with the dvd. c'mon, some video footage? i'm so there.]

anyways- i've listened to it once fully.

it's a grower, but it doesn't disappoint. not at all.


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