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Friday, November 19, 2004

beans and cornbread

last night i threw a fit over a plastic bag.

no, really. we keep the excess bags from our shopping trips under our kitchen sink. the thing is, we don't really use these bags for anything. they just sort of pile up. i recycle mine now, and have been doing so for a few weeks but there's still a plethora of them under the sink.

last night i went to throw something out and was greeted upon opening the cupboard with a mass of plastic bags. they weren't even contained in the larger bag we keep for the other bags. in additon, they were [some of them] covered with garbage slime. i have to say that i was almost as disgusted as i was with the whole rotten fish incident. so i fumed and yelled at no one [because everyone was gone] and had one of thsoe comical moments where every gesture is overdrawn. to make matters worse, i was dealing with light weight plastic, so the overdrawn gestures were compounded by the ease with which said platic moved through the air while i slashed at it.

eventually i started laughing at myself and just threw out the lot of bags that were covered with garbage.

ten to one there'll be a massive demand for bags in the next two days. any one want to make a bet?


Blogger bella said...

That is so funny. My dad alwasy used to throw a fit over all the plastic bags we kept in the house.... like we could ever use up that many!!! You just reminded me of him.



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