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Saturday, November 13, 2004

comfort me with apples, for i am sick of love

although i should be working on the killer archaic roman law essay, i'm distracted by three very distinct thoughts running around in my head.

number one: i love kate bush. i mean really, i love her. i don't know her and i'm not sure how this is possible, but her music makes me want to throw up from sheer overwhelming joy sometimes. it's exactly and all i want to listen to right now. i've even tossed morrissey out of the cd player in favour of good old kate. and [now here there need to be an audible intake of breath, savvy?] even u2 is getting shoved aside. that really ought to say something.

number two: there was a naked man in my kitchen on friday morning. yep. naked. in the buff. in the nuddy-pants. in his birthday suit. [how many ways can i say it?] naked. don't even ask.

number three: the name for a group of cats is clowder. no, seriously. you know how a flock of crows isn't a flock, but a murder? and how a flock of geese is a gaggle? and a bunch of goldfinch are a charm? well a flock of cats, if you will, is called a clowder.

so here i am, thinking about roman law, naked men, and a clowder of cats while listening to kate bush.

a day in the life.


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