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Friday, November 12, 2004

to hear the things you haven't said

hugh jackman, hair swept into two swooshes that look somehwat like ears, leaps across the screen with a majestic AAARRRGGGGHHHHOOOOOGGG! and knives the bad guys with super suave moves. robin and i split a gut laughing at the badness [yet secret goodness] of it all.

yesterday was the end of the week of heliishness so robin and i made plans to watch xmen. not the most classy of movies, but sometimes you just want to watch shit blow up or well built men run around delivering really bad one liners.

[you know, i think that van helsing would be the embodiment of this. hugh jackman running around looking all hot and killing things and stuff blowing up. however, since it's the worst movie EVER, there was no way in hell that i was going to watch it, so xmen was the choice of the evening. besides, it has fagneto- oops, i mean magneto, my old man boyfriend.]

i have to say, i'd totally own the xmen movies after watching that one again. pure bad joy. i love it.

now- to the library batman! i so need to wash my hair.


Blogger melissa... said...

my culture studies proff loved van helsing.
i'm starting to question his "intellect"..

ps, i splurted water out after reading "manlady"


Blogger anonymouse said...

between the bizarre occurences that seem to follow you around (ie. boob-grabbing strangers), your penchant for leaving the house clad in a disguise (your "homeless" day)and having a sidekick...err, friend called robin, im seriously beginning to believe you might be some kind of modern day superhero. a la batman or wonder woman. i guess the only difference is you dont 'actually' fight crime or fly around in invisible airplanes. but im sure if you checked you would have a lasso and some handcuffs.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

*laughs* Yes, Meaghan, I concur witht eh otehr anonymous commment, you certainly are a super hero - and I'm dead serious when I say this! Thanks for being such a wicked friend, your beauty is boundless!

I will be your sidekick any day!
The Rainbow Speckled Newt



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