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Friday, November 05, 2004

i should try to make it right

i'm digesting aristotle when ashley and anna come home from class. i don't immediately get up to say hello, because i'm just finalizing my grasp on the prime mover and eternal motion. when i do go out, the girls are talking about health care. i comfortably drop into the conversation, my hands cupping my third steaming cup of coffee.

anna drifts away, preparing to get some food and to go downtown. ashley and i continue, debating about privatization and where it would start or stop. eventually we break apart, establishing nothing.

i dig being able to have conversations like that.


Blogger James said...

When you say Prime Mover are you refering to an argument that says there must be a transcendental power that created the universe? The argument goes something like everything moves because it was pushed by something, but what gave the FIRST push that set everything in motion? Answer: God (or insert-transcendental-power-of-your-choice-here).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm just clicking around the internet, I have no idea how I came accross your blog, but it is very cool...hillarious, even, I would say. So I read on some more...and I see you are from Ottawa..from Carleton..from Leeds...I am in Leeds!..for the moment.though I hope to move soon...anyhoo...hopefully this doesnt sound overly creepy..which it very well may...but it would be awesome to meet up sometime...what floor are you on? I'm on 3rd...ok..talk to ya later



Anonymous Anonymous said...

overly creepy??? noooooooo.


Blogger megs said...

slightly disconcerting phil, as i thought that i was safe in my cocoon of anonymity. however, i've addressed the issue in the next post. i'm on the fourth floor [you know, the place where they put the crazies].



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