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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

i was puzzled by a dream

it happens in the same way each year.

huddled into myself, looking for some nuance of warmth, i walk across the ringing pavement that is coated with a thick layer of frost. the sounds of the people crossing the bridge to my left are crystal clear. i imagine that if i concentrated, i'd be able to hear what the boy is whispering to the girl. then i'd know why she's blushing and telling him to shush. the windows of the building i am approcahing are glowing softly, offering a semblance of warmth in image only.

i invaribly look up.

i remember reading a book once that was one of those dorky self-help-love-yourself-good-feelings things. in it, there was a passage about mothers, and generic things you should know about your mother. the entry that stuck out at me was concerning the stars. the book claimed that regardless of who she is, your mother's favourite constellation is orion's belt.

when i invariably look up on the first true night of the winter season, i'm always greeted by this delicate constellation. it gleams with silver cold light, challenging me.


Blogger Katy said...



Blogger Boe said...

You are very attractive.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, boe sure is a smooth talker. im not even a girl and im having a hard time resisting his relentless charm. come on boe, you can do better. saying she is "attractive" is like telling us the sky is blue. its like saying pizza pockets are the greatest invention since the vibrator. these things we already know.

next time tell her she is like an atom and you are the electron that orbits her, always trying but never able to reach her. the protons and neutrons are her strenghts and weaknesses and you seek to grasp them both equally and unconditionally. she is the matter that composes the stars and you are a distant planet yearning for her warmth.

or something like that. whatever works.



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