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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

and at the fall of night this city's made of lights

professor beer drops the f-bomb and i'm startled out of my reverie invlovling achilles, spears and tea biscuits.

i don't know what it is that is so highly entertaining about a professor saying fuck. i mean really, it's just a word. it can be used in almost any sense you need it to, granted. but it's still just a word. maybe it's because it's still taboo in society, and professors are supposed to be upright moral people?

in other random news, my brother informs me that he's now the proud owner of records by groups that include sharks, justin clayton, the colour fields, the bible and canadian zephyr.

some day i'll be in a band with a cool name like one of those.

i won't be allowed to sing naturally, because of the legions of people i might kill. but i'll still be in the band. oh yeah.


Blogger Katy said...

"there's always drums, bass, and maybe even someday a tambourine" *said with HAWT australian accent


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

im thinking "band-aid" would be a better fit for you. every brooding rock star needs an easy and available road whore.


Blogger megs said...

but band-aids aren't about sleeping with rock stars, they're about the music.

*someone* needs to watch almost famous a few more times methinks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the ideal upheld by penny lane is what you are descibing, but by the end of the film and now as well, bandaids became about the sex. thats part of the reason why penny lane almost died. she couldnt live up to the unrealistic reality of her existence. russell never truly loved her. he was using her as a muse and as a release for his rock star frustration.

you are right about one thing... well, many things, but one thing in particular, i do need to watch almost famous a few more times. its one of those things i just cant get enough of. just like this blog and pizza pockets.



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