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Saturday, November 06, 2004

next exit


anna and ashley look at me, confused.

you see, i knew it would only be so long until people close to me other than those to whom i gave the link to would find the scottish thirty. i mean, if you google me on google, this is the first thing that comes up. and since blogger had updated its look and changed its format, it's particularly freakishly easy to to find other people in the same area, or say... the same residence as you.

this morning, procrastinating as usual and sharing stories of vomiting in embarassing situation with the girls, i check out my attention-whorish journal and proceed to have an almost panic attack. "oh jesus oh hell..." the vox pipes up, suddenly aware that it isn't just talking to itself, but rather an audience that knows the personification of it in real life.

i guess it was inevitable.

so i think that in order to save face [i'm also a pride-whore in case you were wondering], i should make a few things clear. in the words of nick hornby, as vocalized by the mighty john cusak- "i've been following my gut since i was fourteen. i've come to the conclusion that my guts have shit for brains." by this i mean that everything here is written from me, my gut if you will. it's opinion and sometimes not quite reflective of the truth [oh but its based in truth, believe you me.] so if you come across any of the characters mentioned in real life, don't automatically assume that they are who i portray them as, because you're getting a skewed perception. hell, any perception from me has to be skewed. hellooo- crazy girl on the fourth floor here!

and if you're mentioned in here and you want things removed, i'm at your service. you know where to find me, apparently.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry I didn't mean to freak you out by posting such random blabber to your blog...I had returned from the bar, and drunken rambling got the better of me..(Definitely not the first time..though maybe the first time for such 'online rambling'...Don't worry, I dont know you or any of your friends or any other people you happen to have mentioned...so by all means continue on as before you were rudely interrupted by moi..ok..now off to work...work on sunday..yay..
- Phil from 3rd floor..(directly underneath someone from your floor with way too good bass in their speakers..:)


Blogger megs said...

i tend to make...what is it that they say? mountains out of molehills? yeah. something like that. so really, if you run into me, it'll be easy because i won't really have to say a lot by means of introduction.



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