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Thursday, November 11, 2004

until you've seen the stars reflect in the resevoirs

i'm walking towards the exit of the grocery store when i see the most stunning looking lady ever. you know, one of tose people who regardless of your sex or theirs you can fully admire and admit to being beautiful.

she's close to six feet tall, wearing a woolen scarf wrapped around her throat to fight off the chill wind. there's a leather jacket on her wide shoulders, left open, revealing a brightly coloured shirt. sliver gleams from her ears and her fingers. she's wearing very fashionable jeans and pointy boots that click when she walks.

she approaches a cashier-ess who squeals with absolute delight, reaches out, and grabs the stunning looking lady's breats and give them a good squeeze.

"look at you!" the cahier-ess squeaks, her smile a mile wide, still poking the breats of stunning-lady. stunning lady appears non-plussed by the breast grabage, although there's an old lady who i think is about to keel over watching from two lanes down with a horrified look on her face. "they look FANTASTIC!" the cashier-ess finally takes her hands off of the breasts of stunning-lady.

stunning-lady finally speaks- "it took a long time to make them even."

yeah, maybe it should have been obvious, but stunning-lady should have been called stunning-manlady in order to most accurately describe her.


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