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Friday, November 12, 2004

i know you have a little life in you yet

i leave a message on kate's phone, wishing her well. my sentences come across as fragmented and not entirely whole, and she tells me to go to bed damnit, when i call her back after she calls me back again.

my hair drips on the carpet as i towel it off. when i go outside the ends of it go almost crunchy. after an hour and a half, i find some pertinant books, come home, and do nothing until i call home.

kelly's voice slides down the line at me as she pours out all those little bits of news that you miss when you don't speak everyday. she tells me that she and ayshia want to have an art show at her student gallery entitled we totally rule. in it, she wants to have a giant pompom and a squirrel statue made out of rice krispies. pinchy the sock lobster will have a series of pictures displaed and the food they plan to serve at the opening sounds like it will be disgusting. i can see kelly's face as she giggles impishly, that little hint of sarcasim sneaking into her demeanour. i laugh and then the phone passes to my brother. we barely get satrted before it's time for dinner.

i ring off.

i should have listened to my heart and just hopped in the van on thursday and driven home without telling anyone. instead i've downloaded some key kate bush songs and am sitting here feeling slightly melancholy, missing my family.

it's slightly disproportionate though, you see. they only have to miss me, but i have to miss all of them. so i think perhaps i'm allowed a bit of self-indulgant-almond-eating-sad-bastard-song-listening even though it's nearly midnight.


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