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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

why does god cause things like tornados and train wrecks?

the car is in the left hand lane, reduced to half it's regular size judging by the amount of twisted metal and glass that are sprayed across the tarmac. the man standing beside it is talking to a woman, his colour high, and vomiting about every three seconds. someone else is helping a person crawl out from the twisted mass.

the traffic crawls slowly past. there's no official here yet, save one undercover police car. things are, for lack of a more coherent word- frenzied. but under control.

i don't stop. my van has no hazard lights and there's already seven or eight cars pulled to the side of the road anyways. people are on cell phones, people are taking care of each other.

i wonder if somtimes it's dumb blind luck that allows people to walk away from things like that, or if there's something more. usually i'm forced to believe it's something more, because dumb blind luck doesn't have much over twisted metal and unforgiving tarmac.


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